I am a longstanding member of the Church of England, currently attending St James’ Church, Finchampstead, a large and growing, broad based traditional church in the Diocese of Oxford. We have members from right across the spectrum from low church evangelicals to high church Anglo-Catholics, and all points in between. Whilst our main Sunday service is contemporary Common Worship Eucharist with a traditional organ and robed choir, we still have a strong Book of Common Prayer congregation attending Matins and Evensong, a Family Service congregation that packs the Church out twice a month, and a variety of other services and activities. We’ve also recently finished restoring our grade one listed building.

I sing in the choir, and am currently lay chair of the PCC, and have previously been a Churchwarden. I also chair the Communications committee who amongst other things have responsibility for our church web presence.

Posts on this site are my personal opinions, and should not be taken as any sort of corporate opinion or position of policy of St James’ Church, Finchampstead, although needless to say the church will feature quite a lot in these pages!

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