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BBC Saving Our Licence Fee with Eastmas


Thanks to Dave for highlighting this little gem. Apparently, in a bid to save licence payers money – which does deserve some credit I’m sure, the BBC filmed the Easter Songs of Praise straight after having filmed the Christmas edition in Litchfield Cathedral last year. The Bishop of Lichfield inadvertently kicked off a bit of a storm over the move, when a speech to his Diocesan Synod was reported in the press. Ironically, he was just using the recordings as a minor example, however it does seem to have kicked off a minor storm over the move. But as the Bishop says, he knew about it in advance, and everybody was briefed. It is apparently quite standard due to the expense for the BBC to film multiple programmes in the same location. Of course it also gives Dave a chance to do a topical cartoon to make light of the situation.

Seriously though, if it is saving our money by doing it that way, who am I to complain? Perhaps they could do the same thing with sporting events as well – perhaps get the teams to change their shirts and film another game straight afterwards, nobody would notice I’m sure. Either that, or just get all the teams to come to one location and film games one after another to save moving cameras around, that would make things so much easier wouldn’t it?