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Learning from Other Peoples Mistakes

Whilst I’m sure I’m not the kind of person who would do well on the show, I have to admit to being quite an avid viewer of the Apprentice on BBC2.

Quite often it is a case of learning how not to do things by seeing where the participants go wrong, a classic example of learning from other peoples mistakes. However, whilst there were some interesting moments in the first series, the first two episodes of the new series have certainly upped the level of truly spectacularly cringe making moments.

Last nights episode was really spectacular. The teams were set a challenge to produce a charity calendar for Great Ormond Street. There was tension in the girls team, thanks to the majority of the group deciding that a cat theme was best for a calendar for a Children’s Hospital – a decision that seemed crazy to most other people, including Alan Sugar. There was also real tension in the boys team, with a definite clash of egos. However the most toe curling moment was the sales pitches to the buyers. Both were bad, but I have to say that if I had been a buyer faced with the girls team, I would have chucked them out as the woman doing the presentation – who was ultimately the one Sugar sacked – was just plain rude. At one point she even told a buyer to shut up until she had finished talking!

Certainly from the current crop there are none that really stand out for the right reasons as yet, however last year it took a few weeks before the front runners started to show too…