Hey there!

Just thought I’d introduce myself… Finally got around to viewing the blog, as life as a teacher is a bit hectic come end of June… For any Canadians reading, that doesn’t mean I’m done school – I finish the 15 July this year (grump grump grump…) Just got a lot of end of the year tests to mark. I’m sure Richard felt abandoned this weekend as I locked myself away for 8 hours to mark. And I’m not done yet!! Soon, soon…

Not got any piccies to up load yet, but we’ll see what we can do about that. Going on a school camping trip soon, that that’ll be fun (hopefully…) At least I don’t have to eat their cooking!

Well, better get back to the grindstone…



One thought on “Hey there!”

  1. Hey Mrs Peat!

    Am very bored on reception of my temping job in woodley and stumbled across your site!! It’s fab!! I never knew you did anything like this!!
    Hows the summer going so far?
    Hope you’re putting your feet up and chilling young lady! Will give you a bell so we can hopefully hook up maybe for a coffee and I can give you your lovely cake plate!

    Lots of love sweety!
    Hannabana XX

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