It’s Canada Day!!

Canada Flag

For those who don’t know, July 1 is Canada Day! What’s it all about, you may ask? Isn’t it the same as July 4th in the States?? In fact, no, and here’s why…

(Ahem. Just putting on my pontificating historian voice…)

July 1, 1867. Canada woke up a colony of the British Empire, and went to sleep a country in its own right. This was the day on which a rather drunken Scot, John A. Macdonald, became our first Prime Minister. Now, this is different to Independance Day in the US, because of what it symbolizes. Canada Day (formerly known as Dominion Day) celebrates a continuing, but different relationship with Britain and the Empire (or Commonwealth, as it is known today). Independance Day in the States is the day that they celebrate kicking the British out of their country. Slightly different ethos there. However, both countries take it as an opportunity for a good party, as both are statuatory holidays and are full of patriotic fervor.

So today, pull out those maple leaves, put on something red and white and listen to a great Canadian musician, read a great Canadian author, watch some great Canadian actors, or look at some great Canadian art today. Here are some suggestions:

Bryan Adams
Shania Twain
Barenaked Ladies
Blue Rodeo
Jann Arden

Margaret Atwood
Robertson Davies
Stephen Leacock
Timothy Findlay
Margaret Laurence

Emily Carr
Robert Bateman
The Group of Seven

Mike Myers
Dan Ackroyd
Pamela Andersen
Megan Follows
Fay Wray

You could also read some stuff by a mate ‘o’ mine, another displaced Canadian, Carla. She’s got a blog called Across the Pond.

Or, if you’re in London, join the celebrations at The Maple Leaf pub

You could even buy Canadian products at the online Canada Shop in the UK.

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  1. YAAAAAAYYYYY! YOu did it! I’m so proud of you guys for jumping into the blogosphere. I’ll give you a Permalink on my page when I get around to it 😉 I esp. like Richard’s mobile phone pics–can’t wait to see what more weird stuff about the world you can capture…and Beth, trust me, the blog is the perfect place for your frustrated teacher stories (unless of course your students/colleagues will be reading this–then it’s not. :)))) Looking fwd to your next installments!

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