Wedding Bells

We’ve just reached the end of a rather busy weekend. I had Friday off work, as David, my soon-to-be former line manager at work, finally got married! He’s been about to get married pretty well since I joined SSE two years ago, but as with these things finding a suitable date and location has taken some time. Whereas one of the previous propsed ceremonies would have been just down the road, the wedding actually took place at the Bookham Grange Hotel in Little Bookham near Leatherhead. I took a load of pictures, which I’ve posted up as a gallery at to take a look at.

David and Louisa

It was actually the first time in a while that we’d been to a civil wedding service rather than a Church wedding. The interesting thing is that although David and Louisa were allowed to write their own vows, they were followed by a set form of words that is almost identical to the standard vows that are used in a Church of England wedding, except with any mention of God removed. From having talked to David when he was planning the ceremony, current rules require that there be no mention whatsoever of God in the ceremony, the logic being that if you want any sort of religious ceremony, you should be getting married in a Church. Reading wise they used one reading on marraige that actually comes up quite frequently in the Church weddings we sing at, and a Shakespeare Sonnet.

One advantage of holding the wedding at a hotel, is that there then isn’t the traditional chance for half the guests to get lost on the way to the reception, as the hotel was handling the entire event. After the ceremony we moved out onto the patio for drinks, and then swiftly moved on to taking the pictures. Despite the ongoing lousy weather this summer, David and Louisa managed to pick a day when we had beautiful weather.

After pictures we moved on to the meal, where David and Louisa had cunningly sat us with several other IT people, although once someone on the table had found out how Beth and me had met, we spent an awful lot of dinner talking about that. (It’s strange – sometimes we get an ‘oh, you met on the Internet’ and not much else, other times people are really intrigued!)

The speeches were good, no cringe-making moments as you sometimes get at weddings. The BETTA project trips to Scotland, that as a result of which, had they continued, Louisa was threatening to pull the plug on the whole wedding, got a mention in passing. From there we moved on to the evening events, the disco.

As I’ve got older, I seem to have developped a bit of an aversion to dancing. Whilst I actually had a membership card to Utopia, the nightclub in Reading when I was at University, and still went every-so-often after graduation, now I don’t tend to like dancing at all. Having said that, even when I was younger I used to go for safety in numbers, and only dance when there were a lot of people on the floor. However, unlike Cathy and Steve’s party a couple of weeks ago, I had Beth with me, so thanks to wifely persuasion I did end up dancing!

Anyway, the wedding certainly seemed to go off well, and both Beth and myself had a great time. Hopefully David and Louisa are having a similarly great time off on honeymoon in Italy.

2 thoughts on “Wedding Bells”

  1. Thanks Richard for putting some of your wedding pictures up on the net. The official site will be up very soon.

    I do have to say there is one picture missing Richard!!!! Shock!!!! The picture I took of you dancing!!!!

    I think we all want to see that one, I believe the editor has been some-what selective. hehe 😉

  2. Richard asked me to share my theory on dancing in your 30’s. As Richard had a membership to Club Utopia in University … most of us did much dancing or clubbing in our university days, especially some of us that did University twice! Earning two degrees … well much dancing is required to alleviate stress! Hence, now in our 30’s we are danced out. My friend Shelly was visiting from Ottawa recently and we were discussing this. Here we were in Toronto on a Saturday night (Beth can appreciate the whole big city Saturday night concept I am sure) with no desire to go clubbing! Had a lovely dinner at sushi bar and went to a blues club and sat instead. I think, hopefully being smarter in our 30’s, we appreciate the company of our friends more in an atmosphere where we can actually chat and hear them, rather than pretending to on an over crowded dance floor. I must admit, those retired dance feet resurrect themselves from time to time, and most happily at weddings! 🙂 I also echo that last fellows comments … would love to see more pics of Richard and Beth … especially if Richard is dancing!! hee hee hee 😉

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