Lost in the Post

Apologies in advance if anyone sent e-mail to myself or Beth and doesn’t get a reply. For the first time in a while I had problems with the e-mail server, and not due to me having to decided to tweak settings!

I’d been using Beth’s laptop to program the GPS, and spotted some important mail had come into the queue at Gradwell, who host our various domains. The Mac was in sleep mode, so I came up to use the machine, woke it up, logged in using my user, and which point I got the Mac equivalent of the PC blue screen of death, and a request to restart the machine. This I did, at which point I logged straight back in. However, when I logged it, it did it again.

At this point, somewhat worried, I turned everything off, left it off for a few minutes, and gradually started it up again from scratch, turning on the external hardware once the main machine was up and running. This time it logged in correctly.

I opened up e-mail, and only two out of the three messages I was expecting had appeared, so I then started digging around in from the shell to try and find the missing e-mail.

Apple, in their infinite wisdom have changed the mail server under MacOS 10.3 from Sendmail to Postfix, which is fine, aside from the fact that my books cover Sendmail, and there is precious little online about Postfix. Anyway, looking through the logs I found that there was some e-mail stuck in Postfix that had been being processed when the crash occurred, so looking through I eventually worked out how to get it all moving again. However, although the mail logs indicate that all the mail was processed and delivered, and there is nothing remaining in the queues, the mail never actually appeared in my inbox! In addition to my missing e-mail, there was at least one addressed to Beth.

Anyway, an equivalent to my Sendmail bible, but for Postfix has been added to my wishlist, although I suspect I may purchase it fairly swiftly myself…

Postfix the Definitive Guide

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