Another ‘Family’ Book

A while ago my Uncle, who produces books got involved in an upcoming book about Canada, looking at modern Canada, and how the people of the country live day to day. As Beth’s parents run a cattle ranch, he asked if they’d be happy to let a photographer come out to the ranch and take pictures of Beth’s Dad doing his day to day work.

Anyway, we didn’t hear much else, although the librarian at one of the nearby schools in Canada had apparently seen the finished book, and mentioned it because she recognised the rancher in the pictures as Stan.

One of the things I did whilst we were staying at the ranch is to try and locate a copy. In Canada it is only available as a textbook, however Amazon in the UK have a paperback version which arrived today. Beth’s Dad appears in a box-out on page 13, and there is also a shot of the river valley near the ranch during the recent drought in a section on climate change.

Canada (Changing Face Of... S.)

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