How Many Ford Mechanics Does It Take To Change a Focus Headlight?

I don’t know, but it is going to cost me at least £30 on Saturday to find out!

I set off for work this morning to discover that the passenger side headlamp bulb on the Focus had blown. No problem I thought, when the drivers side had gone, I’d gone over to Halfords on my lunch break and they’d sold me a new bulb, and even fitted it in about 10 minutes.

Today, the guy at Halfords wouldn’t do it, and suggested I either do it myself, or take it to a Ford dealer, as he said it was too fiddly. (The point of the service I thought was to do a fiddly job for you).

I phoned the Ford dealer nearest to work, who was proposing to charge me £30 for the pleasure, but described how to do it over the phone (basically unscrew the bolts holding the light in place, and get the whole unit out) and suggested I should be able to do it, so tonight I thought I’d do it myself…

A lot of hassle later I still haven’t changed the bulb, mainly because I can’t get it out as the battery mounting blocks the back of the headlight cluster. I’ve tried removing the headlight to get at it that way, but it is blocked by a screw underneath somewhere that I can’t find (and the Ford dealer didn’t mention), and the front grille, that includes the locking mechanism for the bonnet. From previous experience with Ford plastics I’m loathed to force it as it will probably break. Much to my disgust it does look like I’m going to end up having to pay a Ford dealer to change the bulb for me.

Apparently the new Mondeo and Fiesta just tell you to remove the headlamp, and then say that you should have the headlight alignment checked by a dealer. Certainly when I phoned Reg Vardy to book it in for Saturday morning, the person making the booking didn’t seem surprised.

A definite Ford money making scheme methinks…

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  1. Wow – i hope Ford realise what pain they have caused with this one. Would they have a dept for monitoring website/news group comment about their products? Bloody should do. I just changed passenger side (UK) dipped beam bulb on Focus estate 2004 1.8D CL TDI, came here having done most of the job without any tools or manuals but having been unable to put the cover back on. I managed it by taking the advice here and clipping off 50% of the tabs/lugs at the top of the cover. Worked fine after that, feels secure, I hope it will stay that way, it is obviously a risk. I think it helped that I had just done the drivers side for practice.

  2. found this site when trying to get inspiration – ford KA 1.3 99 girlfriends passenger dip gone – said I would change for her (big of me?) – dont worry will be in the Halfords listing – first Halfords no KA page in book – no one to ask – second Halfords got book list “472” for year before/after – got home is wrong bulb ( I know the mantra take old one with you for once didnt) – return Halfords – after much argument ( our system is right) how can a three prong bulb 5″ long fit into a two prong bulb 2.5″ long? get money back – they are morons – try wilkinsons have a h7 bulb, £4.50, car parts place wants £6.50. Fit bulb, is fiddly with spring, but can be done with nimble fingers, screwdriver and swearing – cut nuckles in process. bulb blows next day… goto Ford parts – yeah Halfords have it wrong listing – new bulb £2.50. redo fit – get bulb in takes about 15 minutes as spring has been in and out – wot a pain, cut hand again!
    Pre cursor to this story I have a Renault Megane 2.0VVT wot a big mistake buying this.. – same bulb gone – up on jack wheel off in arch head jammed space for one hand – bulb in, cant get spring back – eventually give up – call dealer – take down – they try… 3 hours later we need a new spring – cant order it alone so will have to order a new headlight unit – ( you cannot be serious?? they are ..) go back – £178 for light bulb and 2/3 hours labour – yes we take bumper, wheel arch off as well – I jest not!! who designs these? its so dealers can make money – friend has a skoda octavia, and VW golf – 3 minutes apparently – guess where i am going next..

  3. Can somebody please help me , I am no mechanic , but I would like some help rather than get stung at garage cost wise . I have replaced a rear brakelight bulb in my ford focus zetec as the other bulb blew, the problem is after replacing and checking the bulb was not faulty it is still not working ,yet when i try brake light (which is the same bulb) it works and no it is not a faulty filament as when tested on tester the bulb works any suggestions please . thanks

  4. try looking at the connection to the light,are there any bent or discoloured pins? this could be a sign of corrosion or poor contact,this also applies to the point at which the bulb touches the metal holder.if these are ok you should then check all fuses are ok.if the fuses are all ok then you should remove the rear light and plug it into the other side connector,if the light doesnt come on the you know the light unit is to blame,if it does come on then the wiring in the car is faulty and then its a case of tracing the wire back and finding a break in it.

  5. Hi,

    Just changed bulbs on both side of the car. The passenger side was easy. Just clip the wire retainer off the plastic cover, pivot the cover upwards before sliding out. Remove the cable connector from the back of the bulb (should just pull off) then press the wire retainer on the l/h side of the bulb then to the side which unclips it then change the bulb. This took about 10mins in the dark.

    The drivers side is a different story. Remove the top cover of the battery. Un-clip the wire retainer at the bottom of the plastic bulb cover. Now pivot upwards… wait a minute you can’t.. it hits the battery. Fiddle around for 10mins, get angry, grap the R/h side of the cover and shove firmly downwards (causing slight damage to the plastic tags but who cares, i’m angry), do the same for the l/h side and continue as before. When replacing the cover align up and force the plastic tags with difficulty back in place.

    OK, I broke the tag on the r/h side of the bracket but it holds as good as before just with the l/h one and at least it will come off easier next time. Might be a bit cowboyish but i’m not taking half the emgine to bits at 8pm at night just to change a bulb and certainly not taking it to a dealer (who would probably just do the same!). They will probably make it so that you have to remove the engine to fill the water tank up next!

  6. Hey guys,

    Thought the fact that I had to take the passenger headlight out, according to the OFFICIAL manual, meant that it would slip back in just as easily, even as a car novice working on it, but after an hour of faffing in the dark (well, you don’t ever notice that your headlamp’s gone until it’s dark, huh?!) I’ve had to pack up the front of my car with plastic covers and pop my headlamp in the boot. (Any hints as to how to get the lampback in would be just so appreciated right now!!!)

    This is such a pain, I work from very early morning til late evenings, meaning that it’ll be hard to get some time in a garage so that they could do this for me (for an approx £30!) and it just annoys me to the core that Ford are so incompetent at designing cars that I have to suffer :/

    They will receive a strongly-worded letter from me very soon and as for buying another brand new Ford? It’s just never going to happen again.

    Well done Ford. Nice work, idiots.

  7. Thankfully I read several of the above comments before deciding how to change the passenger side headlight bulb on my 2002 focus ST170.
    From a novice point of view this can be confusing as people have different opinions what is the best way.

    I decided firstly to pop the weather cover off the back of the driver side headlight as this gave me a better view of the orientation of the retaining clip as visibility is near impossible on the passenger side due to the battery/cover.

    1. Remove the plastic battery cover.
    2. Remove the 2 headlight retaining screws to allow slight movement (this will assist in removal of the weater cover)
    3. Remove the weather cover by pushing downwards on the wire clip.
    4. Take a flat head screwdriver a prize the weather cover through the slots in the top of the headlight surround, this will allow complete renoval of the cover.
    5. Ease the headlight towards front of car, this will give you more room to work.
    6. Use a make-up style mirror & a torch to see the aera required as you will not be able to get a proper look for the battery etc.
    7. Remove the electrical terminals form the bulb.
    8. Push the retaining clip to one side, this will allow removal of the bulb, if experiencing difficulty when attempting to remove electrical terminals it is possible to completely remove the retaining clip & allow the bulb removal wire wire intact, then prise appart with screwdriver when you can see better.
    9. If complete removal of the retaining clip is necessary the clip can be easily be re-fitted (check the side you have not touched for reference)

    This should only take about 15 minutes in daylight

    £4.99 for the bulb – £0 to Ford garage

  8. I changed the sidelights on our 03 Focus yesterday. I managed to do it without removing the battery cover (you don’t need to lift the weatherproof cover all the way up to get it off – release the clip and pull the cover downwards).
    However, a colleague who was helping me removed the headlight adjuster! We replaced it but now one light is way out of alignment. Any ideas how to re-adjust it?

  9. i just this morning did mine in 10 minutes using the ‘mirror method’ piece of cake. although i dnt fancy doing the passengger side when that eventually blows

  10. Changed n/s dipped beam bulb on partner’s 03 Focus yesterday. Took 3 hours and experienced all same problems as described. Would be easier second time round but it’s not something you do that often so the experience is useles. Anyway am so appalled at the design that will do my best to persuade her to get rid of the car.

  11. I’ve had the same problem a number of times, I eventually managed to change the bulbs on both sides (dipped beam), skinned my knuckles, cricked my back trying to fit bulbs back in (don’t ask). Last time this happened I accidently dropped the clip down inside the headlamp where it promptly vanished. I got one of those bendy magnet things to find it but to no avail.
    I contacted local Ford garage to see if I could just buy another clip as new bulb wouldn’t stay in place without one, bulb would keep blowing. Garage said sorry can’t buy clip on it’s own, would have to buy complete headlight unit! I said no thanks, didn’t have a local scrapyard, so I used black plastic tape, that I had to hand, to stick it in place and there it still is, working perfectly. I double checked with a mechanic mate of mine and he thought it’d be ok so there ya go…..

  12. if this is on a mk 1 focus its because the battery has to be disconnected first ford will charge £30 because the radio has to be coded again because the battery needs to come out if it was the drivers side im sure it will be different halfords will not touch this because their insurance is just s**t and if they could do it they would charge you the price of fitting a battery and a bulb they will leave u to re code your radio yourself.
    i know this because im speaking as an ex halfords employee and a current for engineer
    all i can say is buy a haynes manual for £18.99 and then if you are slightly mechanically minded it will save you a lot of money

  13. Just changed both dipped headlight bulbs which failed within days of each other. Having tried, and failed, to change driver’s side in the dark last night, followed ‘Gary’s’ method above.
    10 minutes for both sides on 04 Focus 1.6 Zetec.
    Driver’s side:Pretty easy, but practise the clip without bulb first.
    Passenger side:No need to remove/loosen any bolts, just use a screwdriver to ease the plastic hinges of the cover off/on.
    Other top tip: Remove the wiring from bulb first and replace last. I was a bit wary of how much force to use to remove it but once off, the bulb clip is pretty easy to deal with. (You will find it impossible with the wire in place)
    Thanks all for comments

  14. For all those people thinking second time round would be easier, its not its just as bad. I’ve just had the pleasure in changing both sides again, last time was 15 months ago. This time i’ve put a better quality bulb, i’m hoping these will last longer. Best advice use the small mirror technique.

  15. Well folks I thank you all for your efforts and commiserate with you! For the first time in 30+ years I have failed to change a bulb! Inevitably it was the passenger side of the focus tdci with the stupidly bad design of a battery tray that is to close to the back of the weather cover for the light. will have another go at the weekend if the weather is decent otherwise it will have to be mechanic.

    I certainly won’t be buying another Ford!! However, I gather that they aren’t the only ones so next time I chose a car I’ll be asking for a demonstration of how to change the light bulbs.

  16. I’ve just joined the lucky few who have succeeded in changing a passenger side headlamp bulb on a Ford Focus and I thought I’d contribute to the support group (do you get a T-shirt or something?).

    I hate bad design and would rather change the design than disassemble the front of my car or worse still, go to a mechanic. This in mind, I sawed off the corner of my battery tray with a junior hacksaw (you can just about get one in there after removing the battery cover and unstrapping, but not disconnecting, the battery). This will give you the space to get the back light cover off completely and make the fiddly bit with the dentists mirror and the retaining clip easier. The only bolt you have to undo in the whole process is the one holding the battery strap. Result! O.K so the clip is still very fiddly, but this can be done by a mere civilian without calling out some overpriced Spanner-Monkey. If you plan to keep the car for longer than the life of a bulb, this minor modification may save time and hassle.

  17. Whilst not defending this ludicrous design, in fairness to Ford they are not alone in this. I had a Renault Megane (latest shape) which was equally difficult to change the bulbs. Rover 75 is also awkward and no doubt many other makes as well.

    I have a 2007 Focus petrol and am extremely pleased with it. However I have not needed to change abulb yet…

  18. it is very easy to figure out how to change the headlamp light. Open the hood, take off the rubber covering the lamp from behind and then reach for the clip (clips are wound in the perimeter of the whole light assembly) and Ford made it very easy to just push the clip points (where both ends meet) and this very light push will disengage the clip, and voila, you can take out the light and replace when a shop was charging me 40 bucks, i decided to do it on my own and that was how i figured out how to do it, in less than 10 minutes. Whew, i almost got ripped off by 40 dollars. being stingy helps…most of the time

  19. Can anyone tell me how to replace the headlight bulbs in a 2003 mondeo, ie does the headlight have to be removed and if so is that a big job.

  20. To change a head light bulb on a 06 ford focus is a piece of cake
    undue one screw on top of unit release two plastic clips and the head light unit pulls forward, it took me 3 mins to change the bulb and replace the unit.

  21. Just replaced both main headlights on my ’53 plate focus.
    As per Gary’s post (51) you don’t need to take half the car apart to change the passenger side headlight.
    It certainly helps having a small shaving mirror and for me also having a head-mounted torch.
    The most difficult part of the procedure was replacing the plastic rainproof cover on the passenger side, in the end it was quite simple, just line up the plastic tabs on the cover with the holes on the bracket and push hard upwards.
    3 other important points to mention, at no point did I use a screwdriver or feel that I needed one. Secondly if the metal clip that holds the rainproof headlight cover on, comes off you need to take the rainproof cover off first before attempting to replace the clip, I am speaking from experience when I say, if you leave the cover on you will have a a nightmare to replace the clip. And lastly if you have the 477 type headlight bulb make sure you connect it back to the connection block the right way, otherwise the bulb will not sit flush against the headlight holder and the headlamp holding clip will not go into place either.

  22. I came across this thread last night after 2 previous unsuccessful attempts to remove the cover to replace the passenger side dipped beam lamp on my wife’s 52 plate focus. Thanks to the advice and experience of the contributors above which gave me the confidence for a third attempt, and it took me a total of 45 minutes, 20 minutes of which was retrieving and refitting the cover spring which fell off while attempting to refit the cover. Fitting the waetherproof cover is definitely the the trickiest task and I eventually resorted to cutting off part of the lugs to get the damn thing on. Very satisfying when I finally shut the bonnet.

  23. ref the focus pasenger side licht change, do what i did and force it break the hinge at the top of the light and sellotape back on 10 mins job done, what a ball ache!

  24. Passenger side headlight bulb replacement.
    Tools required: Small ratchet with 10mm socket. (Do not use a large ratchet as there is restricted space for 1 bolt)
    1. Remove the top 2 bolts from the headlamp unit.
    2. Turn the steering wheel hard right to allow shoulder access by the left wheel.
    3. Lay on your back with your right shoulder under the wheel arch, and locate the 3rd headlamp bulb. This can be done by moving the headlamp unit around using your left hand, while feeling fro the movement underneath with your right hand. A torch may be handy, but you do not need to remove the wheel arch.
    4. Remove the 3rd headlamp bolt.
    5. Wriggle the headlamp out of the chassis. It may help access if you unclip the right hand side of the front grill.
    6. Remove weatherproof cover and change bulb.
    7. Re-assemble.

    After reading these posts, I had a plan A and a Plan B. I managed to get the weatherproof cover off by removing the top 2 headlamp bolts, moving the unit forward, and prising a flat bladed screwdriver under the now visable locating lugs. Changed the bulb with the help of my daughter’s make up mirror, then attempted refitting the cover. I filed quite a bit off the lugs as suggested, but still could not get them to locate.
    So resorted to plan B. I was going to take the wheel arch off as suggested, but found that I could locate the 3rd headlamp bolt without having to do this.
    I could have done this job in about 20 mins using plan B, but with all the faffing around in Plan A, it was well over an hour.
    Not sure if this is easier than removing the battery and tray, but if you’re going to remove the battery tray, you may want to modify it while it’s out by cutting off the front corner. This may allow room to swing the light cover off in future.

    I hope this helps, good luck :¬)

  25. to hell with this! i’ve just spent half an hour in the cold trying to get the stupid light weather cover off on that passenger side with no luck! and it’s getting cold outside. i’m gonna have another go tomorrow but no way in hell i’m paying ford to do this when the bulb only cost me 1.50!!!!!

  26. I have just acquired a 03 Fiesta Zetec and the nearside side light has blown. Seems to be similar problems to all of the responses on this page. It appears to be ‘protected’ by some metal running staright across the back of the bulb holder.
    Any ideas other than I should nothave bought a Fiesta will be welcomed

  27. Just thought I’d add a comment. I had a 53 plate 1.6 zetec petrol Focus, and I replaced the passenger side dipped beam bulb fairly easily. The 3rd bolt is easily accessible from under the car, so I undid it and took the light unit out. Then the fiddly bits are easy because you can see what you’re doing. It took about 20 min. and was hassle free (although a bit tedious), with no damaged fingers, as long as you don’t mind lying on the ground to get at the 3rd bolt. I wrote that car off and now have an 04 plate 1.8 TDCi. This is much harder because there is a new cover in the wheel arch that prevents access to the 3rd bolt, so you have to get the back cover off without removing the unit. I tried forcing it past the battery tray, and forcing the retaining lugs with a screwdriver, but gave up both as I felt that soemthing was going to break. I used to do all my own maintenance, but now I use a main dealer. They do not charge me labour for replacing a bulb, so I will surrender and give it to them. Life is too short to spend all day changing a bulb.
    PS, Ford must know how to do this easily, so why don’t they contribute to this thread and let us know the secret.

  28. Just done my passenger side dipped headlight on a 53 plate Focus TDCI. A git of a job, but can be done. I am no mechanic, but with some patience, a makeup mirror(!) and a screwdriver to help lever off the backplate tabs it was possible without removing great pieces of the body work. Fiddly as hell and not much fun in January cold!

    Did the drivers side and that was a hell of a lot easier (about 10 minutes)

    The whole affair took me over 90 minutes including having a read here with a coffee to warm up mid way thru!

  29. just got foucs bulb change by ford £45 thats the light at front and one back parts £11.36 labour £28 then on top of that VAT £5.90 by the way back light was £1.42 yes come on pure rip off, ..

  30. Hold on, hold on!!!!!!!!!!!
    All you need to do is undo the 2 black 10mm screws on top of the headlight then undo the same looking bolt that’s behind the grill so one side of the grill can be moved out of the way.
    Pull the headlight out, might take a little bit of jiggling, and now you have full access to the back of the headlight. Change bulb and refit. I changed both on Sunday in about 15 minutes which included finding a bolt I lost in the engine bay.
    Only downside is you might have to adjust the lights but you just need to use an allen key on the white plastic bolt on the top of the headlight; clockwise is down.
    Hope this helps and saves you money!

  31. Headlight Leveller

    In struggling to get a bulb out I mistakenly removed the motorised leveller gadget. After even more struggling to change the bulb I then found the driver’s side beam was way too high, lots of angry flashing from oncomers.

    After much puzzling, realised the little rounded end of the gadget can’t just push against the black bit in the headlamp unit (making it point up) but somehow has to hook under its forked end. Couldn’t manage this so didn’t refit the leveller gadget (never use it anyway) and just used a bit of wire to tether the headlamp in the correct position. Now fine and dandy.

    If anyone has a tip for fitting the leveller properly I’ll give it a go.

  32. I really don’t see what all the fuss is about. I looked on here for some advise as i,ve never changed the nearside bulb on my wifes 02 focus. After a quick browse I decided to just have a go . You do not have to loosen any bolts at all. I just slipped off the clip on rear cover & popped it off downwards using a flat head screwdriver in the clip, then remove the plastic wire socket, then although fiddly, pop off the retaining clip & remove bulb. Fit in reverse order. Simples !!!

  33. @Paul – I would suggest that if it was that easy, then a previous owner has probably modified the lugs on the weather cover. Something I tried to avoid going to far with, as I felt that the cover would then not fit back tightly enough to be waterproof.

  34. After reading this information (and several other websites) which all seem to suggest that the nearside bulb replacement can be a pig of a job to do, I ventured to my nearest Halfords yesterday for a replacement bulb.

    Having previously read that they sometimes refuse to change these bulbs, thought I would ask – the assistant called up something on the terminal and advised me that this was rated as difficult as they had to remove the light fitting and potential issues over realignment etc. However, they got hold of the staff member who does the job, we went out to have a look, and he had the job done in five minutes.

    Not sure what he did as unfortunately at the precise time he started to remove the screw(s), I had to take a phone call so missed seeing what he did. However, there was no removing wheelarch liners or engine bay covers. In my opinion, well worth the small payment for the job to be done – I’d probably still be looking at the light now (or incurred a fine for driving with a non-working light last night!!).

  35. Last year my wife’s 04 Focus lost it’s nearside dip beam. Halfords refused to attempt it and Ford charged her £30.
    They couldn’t do it for an hour and a half then took half an hour to do it; so she lost an hour’s pay as well. I had a crack at it this time, the swear box is full.
    Ford used an expensive bulb which has gone again within 14 months. but sawing off the corner of the plastic battery tray, loosening the tray bolts and removing the battery stay bolt (all 13mm) and easy top two headlamp (10mm) bolts makes it doable in daylight.
    Get the replacement H7 bulb from a pound shop – 5 of them cost less than one Ford item and the off side one has been OK for two and a half years now. Next time will be much easier and faster.
    I would like to meet the designer on a dark night when I happen to have a baseball bat.

  36. 54 reg focus passenger main bulb, press down the clip yank off the cover, pull off the wiring connection, use a mirror to identify the spring clip, press down and unhook where u can see the round part of the clip (use small mirror to see) the bulb pops out and do the reverse for fitting, maybe using snipe nose pliers to put the bulb spring on as it can be a little tight. Its a five minute job, a little tight, but can be done.

    1. Good advice for replacing focus headlight bulb,after an abortive attempt at trying to remove the whole pissing light unit,i was on the verge of off setting about the bugger with a hammer(what are these people thinking of when they design something like that)then i tried the thing with the mirror and got it changed no problem,just sat a small shaving mirror at the side of the battery and got the job done in no time,it's a bit of a fiddle but i'd rather do that than pay some arsehole in a ford garage 30 quid..

  37. OK. After using this thread to change the nearside dipped beam bulb on my vehicle, I think I should add something to the collective knowledge.

    Vehicle: 2004 Focus TDCI Diesel.

    On this model, removal of the wheel arch cover is a no go. They seem to have changed the design. Accessing the third bolt is near impossible.

    However, after about 1hr of fiddling, I managed to change the bulb in about 15 minutes.

    Remove the battery cover.

    Push the wire across the back of the weatherproof cover down. Now pull the weatherproof cover. You will see it hinges from two tabs at the top. Pull the cover back and then push down to try and release the tabs. You can use quite a lot of force for this. The right hand tab came away easier than the one nearer the centre of the car, but by jiggling it with quite some force it will come away completely…it is only plastic.

    At this point, you can remove the two self tapping crews on the headlight assy to give you a little play which creates a tiny bit more room to work in. I wouldn't move it too much without these bolts, because the assy is still held by one more bolt.

    Use a small mirror to get a good look at the back of the bulb and the wire that locks it in place. Unclip the wire and pull out the bulb…note it's orientation!

    You can now reverse the process to replace the bulb. Getting the wire lock back over the back of the bulb and connector was fiddly but it does go back!

    The weatherproof cover should clip back in quite easily.

    So…when you know how to do it and that it does work, you can do the task in about 10 minutes.

    No need to disassemble the car too much!

  38. You should not be surprised to learn that quite a lot of cars have the same problem. My son-in-law has a Renault Megane of 2003 vintage. It says the wee trap to do this job is in the wheelarch. It does’nt line up and all the same problems come to light as with the Focus, I.E. battery gets in the way etc.

  39. It's interesting this post is still going strong! I have to say thanks to this post I restored my doomed male ego…I mean come on, I'm a male engineer and cannot replace a lamp! Even my gf was sneering at me! Anyway rather than admit defeat I was going to the removing battery + tray route in the hope of getting better access to the darn thing. Problem 1: need a socket extension to access bolts. Problem 2 – better use a memory keeper to avoid having problems with ECU. So this evening after work I popped into Halfords and was discussing what would be a good socket set with one of the staff…a set which would allow me to do jobs such as replacing Focus headlamp. One word leads to another, and 5min later I find myself standing outside hugging a 50 quid socket set next to a very dexterous young chap who in 5min did what I couldn't manage in one hour. No bolts undone, he even didn't bother looking…he did it all by touch!!!! Frustrating, but hey, that means I have one hour extra time for myself this weekend! As for the socket set…I prefer to think that I will use it one day. 🙂

    Btw, the Halfords is the one in Solihull Retail Park, and I completely recommend them, at least to replace Focus headlights for cheap!

  40. do not pay for someone to change a headlight on the passenger side of a focus, it is easy and can be done in 10 minutes. someone has already said about unclipping the weatherproof cover, and there is a thin metal wire clip holding the bulb in place, it is a bit awkward because you cant see it because of the battery compartment but i found if you take the drivers side off you can see inside and find out how to do it, there is a part of the clip that sticks out at the top, if you push this sideways it drops down freeing the bulb

    1. That’s instructions for a Mk 2 Ford Focus – the initial problem was with a Mk 1 Ford Focus after they revised the headlamp design.

  41. Wow what a pain trying to change bulbs on the new ford!Im a driving instructor as as i have to show an example with legalities i must change any blown bulbs straight away!Previous cars i have done them myself but with the new ford fiesta it is near impossible to do quickly and by yourself.You do have to book it in to a main dealer and for that inconvienience i loose valuble working time which i am then charged £30 for the pleasure,so a blown bulb with 2 hours out of work reults in an overall cost of approx £75.
    Will i get ford again?
    For this reason alone i will not and i will look to more easily maintained cars in the future!
    I just hope someone from Ford’s read’s this!

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