Finally a New Windscreen

Despite the fairly variable weather today, the AutoWindscreens guy has arrived in a sunny patch and has said he can do the windscreen!

Interestingly, as I paid him the £60 excess, he commented “That last windscreen wasn’t fitted very well.” I then pointed out that it was one of their guys who had fitted it. (My tax disc holder is actually an Autoglass one – AutoWindscreens big competitor, as during one of the previous replacements the tax disc holder tore, and Autoglass replaced it. This is I assume why he looked closely at the quality!) On hearing it was an RAC fitter, he then asked who it was, and I described the guy. I also mentioned that he was the one who on Friday said he couldn’t do the screen because of the weather. (The opinion of the guy today was that the weather on Friday shouldn’t have been a problem and that he just wanted an excuse not to do it!) Anyway, I’m getting to the point where I now know which boxes to sign, and know to not move the car for at least an hour and when to remove the tape. Hopefully this screen will last longer (and is better fitted!!!!).

Incidentally, for Howard’s joys with big organisations, have a read of this account of dealing with Dell.

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