Tinned Meat Ahoy

After fairly successfully weeding out the spam from our e-mail, I’ve tonight had to do the same to the blog. I’ve had the spam filter turned on in WordPress anyway, but tonight we got deluged with spam that got round the blacklist, so I’ve made a couple of changes to the setup, that initially will cause all comments to be moderated until I’ve got the filter trained. However after that the spam should not make it onto the comment pages for the blog.

One thought on “Tinned Meat Ahoy”

  1. Stuff like this totally ruins the spirit of the Net. Luckily we’ve got a heavy-duty spam filter on our blogs which stops most of it but how many perfectly good blogs have been ruined and been forced to be taken offline just because some eejits want to conduct mass spammings. It makes the Internet a much less friendly place.

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