A Very Anglican Response

Yesterday, the long awaited Windsor Report on the Anglican Communion and how it continues as a result of all that went on here in Reading, and also in the Canadian and US churches with regards to gay Bishops and same-sex blessings was finally published.

To be honest, the report is pretty much as expected. Despite what the conservative wing of the Church wanted, there was no punishment for the Episcopal Church in the USA, or the Canadian Church, nor any calls for Gene Robinson to resign as a Bishop. Equally there was no green light for the liberal wing – the report recommended that no more openly gay Bishops should be consecrated. The report criticised all the groups involved, both the liberals who pushed matters forward, and the conservative Bishops who have been intervening in other peoples Churches, and called for reconciliation and understanding on all sides. All in all it is a typically Anglican report that tries to maintian the broad church that is Anglicanism by accepting that different parts of the Church hold different beliefs, and calling on other parts of the communion to respect each others beliefs.

The Church Society has described the report as “toothless” whereas despite the fact that the report has criticised their actions the liberals are seeing a positive spin in the call for reconciliation, perhaps because the report is not nearly as tough as it could have been. However, it seems the commision who produced the report were keen to offer it unanimous support, and as such, what was produced was the best that could be done and still be backed by the diverse membership of the commision. It seems that the two parts of the Church are just as far apart as ever.

The full text of the report is available for download from here. The Oxford Diocese response is here.

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