Is There Anything You Can’t Buy On eBay?

I came across this story on The Register – a man trying to sell an invite to a wedding he doesn’t want to attend!

It seems that the groom is a former friend of the seller, who didn’t overly agree with his grooms choice of girlfriend, and hasn’t had any contact with them since then. Now he’s been invited to their wedding. What is more amusing is that since posting the sale item, the number of invites for sale has gone up as other guests at the same wedding have tried to sell their invites as well!

One thought on “Is There Anything You Can’t Buy On eBay?”

  1. I love it! 🙂 I have been feeling a little twisted in my sense of humour of late! LOL Imagine being the Bride and Groom and having complete strangers come to your wedding, demanding the invite to be honoured, or to find the growing list of invites for sale! Hee hee hee … I am sure I would be horrified if it were me … but since I am terminally single … LOL

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