Just surfin’…

Just surfin’ the ‘net when I should be doing other things, and came across The Advertising Slogan Generator. You know how, just randomly, sometimes non-sentient computers can get things right? Loaded it up, and the random slogan posted was…

…wait for it…

‘We Do Mediocrity Right.’

How true is that???

Check out some of my alternative names:
I am alternatively known as Dolly Loamsdown of Great Smials (in Hobbitton), Anaranë Tur-anion (in Elvish), my band is known as The Venemous Dog Method, and my children shall be known as Gali Licaelia (girl), Keyle Halet (boy), or Berlancar Isobe (gender-neutral – YOU work that one out…).

This is the freakish part – I remind you that this is TOTALLY random, and I did not have to type in where I was from. In fact, I gave my name as ‘Beth’ and my favourite colour as ‘chartreuse’…

My Pokéname is Humnerd, and I live in the prairies of Alberta. 15 gazillion (or so) users of the Internet, and they get that one right… My other characteristics are a bit cool, too. I quote: “You can puke Dr. Pepper. You can breathe acid. You have intimate knowledge of kung fu. You can spit Mr. PiBB. You can resist tahini. You can shoot sledgehammers. You can drink poison. ” Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to puke something that doesn’t taste of, well, vomit? And how did they know about the tahini incident… ?

My other personality is a pirate wench named Filthy Beatrice Bonny who works at the Broken Hippogiff Cellar. I was also part of a ground battle in Canada code-named ‘Eternal Guard’, and when I’m making a little extra cash by driving a taxi, I go by the name of Joomìtedie Brown.

Just think – how else might the Witness Protection Program come up with alternative identities for their clients??

On second thought, don’t answer that…

2 thoughts on “Just surfin’…”

  1. ACK! She’s popped up!…and now she’s gone again. Darn.

    Bethers! We miss you on here! Post more! Forget lesson-planning…succumb to the call of the blog! (yes I’m trying to be a bad influence on you. Is it working?)

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