Finchampstead Christmas Concert 2004

Last night we had the first of the traditional Finchampstead Christmas Events, the Christmas Concert in the Memorial Hall. More entertaining than the Royal Variety Performance, it showcased an unbelievable range of performers. (It should be noted that the word unbelievable has often been applied to performances from previous years!!!)

As always, the show opened with the Fledgelings Nativity, noteable this year for a Joseph who wasn’t keen on taking on the role of father… After bursting into tears had failed, and then trying to kick or pull anything in reach (including baby Jesus, who was dropped on his head), he discovered a new vocation with sheep, consisting of seeing how much straw he could put on it’s head…

This year, thanks to a lot of help from Chris Driver, the Youth Group contributed two items. The younger members did a serious item on the true meaning of Christmas, whilst the older members performed a somewhat less serious play where they get stuck in the Oracle centre on Christmas Eve.

The Working Party closed the first half with a song about their work around the Church, highlighting such important jobs as the frequent maintenance of the Ladies Loo, the painting, the drainage work in the car park, and of course the regular visits to the Queens Oak!

The other much anticipated number each year is the Baptism Visitors. This year they did a reworking of “I’m a Believer” by the Monkees. As the concert always closes with community carol singing, somebody has to follow them. Chris Driver put Richard, our new Rector on the bill after them, there is some suspicion that this was because as he was new he wouldn’t know what he was following!

Having said that Richard did a superb job of following their song with a great reworking of “A Policeman’s Lot” called “A Rector’s Lot”, detailing the endless worries with the conservation work at the Church. I guess we’ll be adding the Rector’s contribution to the list of anticipated items for next year.

Richard was followed by the reappearance of Mrs Beamish, still complaining about having to shake hands with people in Church services. We then finished with the traitional community carol singing.

Next on the schedule is tonights traditional carol singing/pub crawl around the village, before the Church services kick off with three Christingle services on Christmas Eve.

I’ve posted a few pictures from the forty or so we took last night. I’ll probably do a general Christmas set, with pictures from all the events for the pictures web site, once the festivities are finished.

3 thoughts on “Finchampstead Christmas Concert 2004”

  1. Please, please send the words to Mrs. Beamish.
    We heard it on an email video in Adelaide, South Australia and fell over laughing!
    Would love to have been at your concert in 2004, but will not miss Finchampstead on our next visit!

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