Eastenders Finds It’s Feet

We got home at just before ten, in time to see the repeat run of that evenings Eastenders. Whilst in the past I have watched fairly avidly, over recent months it has decidedly lost it’s way, and this has been shown in the ratings. However last nights episode was one of the best episodes we’d seen for a long while. For the past few episodes, at the request of Marcus, their long serving solicitor, Sam has been rushing around selling all the assets, including the Queen Vic to Den, apparently because Phil needs the money to leave the country. The first big twist towards the end was that it transpired that loyal Marcus had in fact made the whole thing up, and had run off with the money. The double whammy was when Den met him at the airport to pay him off – Den had apparently got some information about what Marcus had been doing all these years and blackmailed him to get back the pub! In amongst all that Paul left the series for good, and as a result of Sam loosing all her money, Andy reveals that he only married her for her money.

Definitely shaping up to be a classic Walford Christmas!

One thought on “Eastenders Finds It’s Feet”

  1. I enjoyed that episode too. If they do all that in one episode on a Thursday before Christmas, what’s the Christmas Day episode got in store?!

    Andy was right thought, Sam does look terrible when she’s crying!

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