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David forwarded on to me a link to a story about the creation of the Graphing Calculator, shipped as part of the standard build of pre-MacOS X, PowerPC versions of the Macintosh. (The application is still available, now being sold separately by Pacific Tech themselves.) The story is well worth reading, especially if you work in the IT/Software Development industry, the question being not only would you be happy to work on your current project for six months for free, but also would you be able to get away with it wherever you work?

The story also highlights a lot of the attitudes of the people working at Apple in the way many of them knew what was going on and actively helped. It also reminded me of some of the stories about the early development of the Mac at the Fokelore site. This is a project to produce a platform for collective storytelling, that is using the story of the Mac as a prototype. Stories come from a number of people involved with the Mac during that era. Many of the stories from the site have also been brought together into a new book called Revolution In The Valley.

Revolution In The Valley

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  1. Thanks, I really enjoyed that story. It’ll probably re-appear in a Sermon about the importance of volunteers who are passionate about what they do. Cheers for digging great stuff out. Ian

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