Another Bout of Spam

After several months of quiet, I again had a mailbox full of spam trapped by the spam filter on the weblog. The reason for the change was that the spammer had changed tack – instead of pills or poker, today it was satelite dishes!

Anyway, a couple of clicks and the new spam was added to the filter. However, one surprise was that I got a couple of bits of trackback spam – something I haven’t recieved before due to hiccups with the trackback configuration on the blog. To stop those I’ve now properly disabled trackbacks as well (although the filter picked up the trackback spam too).

Cleaning up the spam, it reminded me of an article that I read on The Register yesterday, where they interviewed a link spammer, which makes interesting reading if you’re a blog owner who has had to clear up their mess. In the interview he says that he can earn a seven-figure sum spamming sites. He also says that it is nothing personal, he is spamming 20,000 to 100,000 blogs at a time. Having said that, personal or not, it is my time he is wasting in my having to clean up the mess!

Having said that Google are now taking steps to prevent comment spam, and a look through the Google announcement shows that there is wide support already. Certainly I have installed the plugin for WordPress onto here.

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  1. Hi Richard, just dropped in from WordPress TOPSITES: greetings from Oxford! Interested in your comments on spam. I’ve been having trouble too and just installed Spam Karma, which I am hoping will work wonders.

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