24 Picks Up Again

So after what I thought was a bit of a dud episode last week, 24 has picked up again with an episode where the main lead works out that he is being followed and crashes himself into a truck, but not before having given Jack and CTU enough information to work out where the terrorist hide out is. However as the clock ticked over to midday, Jack was outside having been told that the President has ordered an air strike as the marines were still twenty minutes away. As the credits rolled you just knew that Jack was going to try and race the bomb to free the prisoners. All of this and we are still not even a quarter of the way through!

Anyway, to tie in with the new series, for all you budding Jack Bauer’s there is now a CD of the soundtrack from the first three series available on CD. (Which on the UK version includes a couple of bonus tracks, and the CTU ringtones 😮 )


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