DIY Air Canada Advert

I’m sure most people have come across the Air Canada TV adverts, which more often than not are a series of nice shots of Canada, generally designed to make Canada look attractive! Anyway, I came across the chance to build your own Air Canada advert linked in to their post bankruptcy campaign. The site also includes the three Canadian Commercials. (The widescreen British TV version with a different selection of clips is available on this ad agency site)

The music for this particular campaign is You and I by Celine Dion, and there is some suspicion that Air Canada probably paid rather a lot for her participation when you take a look at the video, which includes rather a lot of shots of the new terminal at Toronto Airport, and Air Canada planes, and a rather expensive looking final shot. David Akin, a CTV politics reporter has a blog entry on the video and campaign, complete with a copy of the video. As the blog reminds us, it is worth considering that this campaign came out at the time when most of the Air Canada staff were being asked to take a pay cut.

Anyway, if you want a whole hour of Air Canada advert style shots of Canada, take a look at Over Canada, which covers the whole country from coast to coast on High Definition DVD or video.

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