Hitchhiker’s Guide New Trailers

After my worries having seen the the teaser trailer for the upcoming Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Movie, I tonight got round to looking at the latest trailers on the movie’s publicity site which have made me a lot happier, and looking forward to the film.

The first of the trailers is the standard one that you’ll see in the cinema. Looking at the scenes they show, it does lead me to think that the story is pretty well in tact, although the hyperspace bypass has become a hyperspace expressway, so as not to confuse our American cousins with strange words!

H2G2 Icon A H2G2 Icon

However the gem is the special Internet only trailer, which takes the form of an entry in the guide on movie trailers, so you get Stephen Fry as the voice of the book, and also a chance to hear Alan Rickman as Marvin. Definitely worth a trip over to hitchhikers.movies.go.com to take a look.

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  1. Thanks for the link, I’m a big fan of Hitchhikers Guide! I was considered a heretic by some at Bible School for campaigning for the trilogy in five parts to have chapter and verse denotations 🙂

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