The Vigil Looms…

Well, tonight’s the night – no sleep, outdoor games at 3 am, etc – yes, it’s the annual St James Easter Vigil. It has become so much of a ‘big deal’ in our youth group that I’ve had parents saying to me that they’ve had to rearrange their holidays around Easter weekend… All I have to say is… GREAT!

And despite my enthusiasm, every year there is the looming question – what do we do in the night??? Well, this year, prayers have been answered in the form of EGAD!, a website that is chock full of amazing games to play with youth, as well as other resources such as crafts, etc. Some of the games do seem a bit suspect (for example, the one that started, ‘Step One: buy 5-6 whole fish, preferably not gutted, Step Two: buy 3 to 4 dozen eggs, Step Three: Tell the kids to wear messy clothes’ seemed one NOT to do at 4 am…) but lots of them are adaptable to almost any occaision.

So, I’m off to buy a load of bananas and duct tape… Wish us luck!


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