Back in February, I posted an item grumbling about the PC and Mac versions of Rise of Nations not playing multi-player. Last month, Mac Format published a review of the game, and gave it an all round glowing review, with no negative aspects at all, even saying how great the multi-player mode was to play. As a result I e-mailed them pointing out the problems with PC/Mac play, and how it wasn’t highlighted anywhere, and that I thought that as a leading Mac magazine, this should be the kind of thing they should be highlighting. I got a nice e-mail back from the editor thanking me for my e-mail and saying that in future they would double check. Anyway, my copy of the latest issue arrived this week, and turning to the letters page is a slightly edited version of my e-mail, and a similar response!

Just before Easter I wrote a long posting after recieving a notice of deemed supply from Scottish Power. In response I wrote to them giving them ten working days to sort out the problem by confirming that they do not have a contract with me. Yesterday, just at the point when I was going to raise the problem up with Energywatch, the ten working days having passed on Tuesday, I got a letter from Scottish Power Customer services. They confirm that my account with them was marked closed as from 9th August 2001 (which is the same day they opened it) as they had stated previously. They have also checked their application system, and there is no record of either a contract listed to my address, or with my MPAN number. They also say that my comments “have been noted” – I made no secret of what I thought of their company and general competence demonstrated by both this and the previous problems. Whilst they didn’t manage to get back to me within the limit I set, as they have come back confirming everything I said, and apologising, I’ll let them off, there was Easter in the middle after all!

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