New Who Confirmed

The BBC has confirmed that David Tennant will be the new Doctor Who, to appear in the second series due to start filming shortly.

This comes in the same week that we got the first of the Doctor Who is too frightening for kids complaints after last weeks Victorian episode with gas creatures taking over dead bodies. It actually reminded me of a comment that John Nathan-Turner made in a documentary, that he usually looked forward to Mary Whitehouse complaining about the show, as her intervention would usually result in an increase in viewers the following week.

The discussion even made it to PM on Radio 4 on Thursday, with Mark Gatiss, the writer of the episode called on to explain himself. The argument presented on the radio, and also by many other commentators is that Doctor Who is safe scares, and the new series is no different to the old series in that respect. As a child you were frightened, but the goodies always won in the end. I had a chat to Mum about this today, and she said the only thing she ever complained about was the final episode of Blakes 7 where the goodies didn’t win. As a number of people say on the BBC comments page on the item there are a lot more frightening things going on in the real world. To some extent I think that kids being frightened by Doctor Who, is much the same as the traditional telling of ghost stories around a campfire.

Anyway, tonight we have the most spectacular effects sequence of the series so far, with an alien spaceship crashing in London, taking out Big Ben on the way. Take a look at the Doctor Who Homepage for a preview.

Incidentally, if you’re a fan with a musical bent, take a look at the Whomix site, an entire site devoted to fan remixes of the main theme, with some versions that could grace the TV show!

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  1. I think Orbital has done THE BEST version of the song, it’s just so funky whilst remaining true to the original theme.There’s also the Timelords (aka that 90s techno group KLF) ‘Doctor in the Tardis’ mix (using a combination of the Doctor Who theme and Gary Glitter’s Rock and Roll Part II)…I also heard a Hammond Organ version of the theme on Radio 2 some weeks back–now that’s just getting a bit silly!

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