Queens Oak Pictures, Take 3

So after almost four years, a third roll of pictures from the camera in our Queens Oak cache has been posted to our pictures site.

We were actually able to pick up the camera pretty quickly, as we spotted the last cachers finding the cache whilst we were clearing up after the APCM at the church. (Not anything like the moan fest that others seem to suffer!)

With the handy overnight CD service it is pretty straightforward to load the pictures into iPhoto, and rebuild the site using BetterHTMLExport.

As before, the pictures do serve to show what a wide range of people are now going out Geocaching. If you look at the pictures there are all sorts of people from all age groups – looking at them you can’t really classify any as a stereotypical geocacher.

If you haven’t tried geocaching, the Geocaching Association of Great Britain (which I helped set up) is a good place to start.

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