People are catching the bug…

Just had my first BookCrossing book logged!! I seem to have picked a good spot, as it’s on a footpath that is frequently used, and I’ve actually left three books there already. The person said that they heard about BookCrossing on Radio 4 this morning, and then found my book this afternoon – and were delighted to get involved so quickly! YAY!!

Please get out there and look for (or even GIVE AWAY) books!

This is my book that has been ‘caught’:

The Secret Life of Bees

Happy travels, little book…

4 thoughts on “People are catching the bug…”

  1. That book is on my reading list! I’ve got some books to cross 😉 but it’s picking out where best to place them. I dont’ think Warrington is the most cultured with-it place where books are concerned. Someone would either pick it up and bin it….or burn it, ha ha!

  2. Congratulations on your catch! I was just having a nosy at your site because of your latest release in Wokingham (I used to work for Wokingham Council). I’ve had a few catches recently myself, but I really need to make an effort to release more books.

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