Google Maps Weirdness

An article on the Register today highlighted an interesting feature of the UK version of Google Maps, which cross references the Yellow Pages with the maps, allowing you to ask for a map of “restaurants in Reading” for example. However it transpires that it also apparently knows about some other places that you wouldn’t expect to turn up in Yellow Pages. The following is a shot of what comes up if you ask for “brothels near maidstone“.

Brothels in Maidstone

So is it that the Kent Police are branching out? Or maybe it is a suggestion of where you should go if you’re looking for brothels! Incidentally, “brothels in Maidenhead” sends you to the local Catholic church, so maybe it is the latter. Trying “brothels in Micheldever Station” sounds a bit more likely – but could very well be a taxi firm…

As to what the real reason for the strange selection could be, I suspect it is doing some sort of fuzzy text match, however quite what it is matching I don’t know…

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