Quiet Time on the Blog

Apologies if things on the blog are a bit quiet at the moment, and continue to be. For the next week or so we have a house guest over from Canada, which does mean that our spare bedroom becomes a guest bedroom despite the large amounts of computer equipment that usually fill it up.

Last week was trying to get it to a point where there wasn’t anything stored on the sofa-bed, for this week we have the guest staying, and then next week, I hope I’m off on a course, which should fill in some of the gaps in what I’ve picked up from my C# books. The other nice thing about the course being held in London, is that I’ll be able to get along to the upcoming London Geek Dinner with Dave. We’re at positions 68 and 69 on the attendee list, having signed up when the attendance was limited to 70. It looks like we’re probably taking over the whole restaurant now. There is a real mixed bag, including some pretty well known names to those of you who read industry publications, or the techie blogs. It is being organised by Hugh MacLeod and Robert Scoble (christened by his wife as Microsoft’s Chief Blabbing Officer!)

Anyway, should be fun, and hopefully I’ll have some stuff to blog about when I get back from that!

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