A Nice Little Character Episode

Episode 11 of Doctor Who was a definite change of pace. Although it opened with what seemed like it would be an action packed story, the Doctor captured the main enemy very early, and then the real episode unfolded. The main thrust of the episode was to consider what happens afterwards, and left the Doctor dealing with a big question of what to do with an alien who had potentially killed thousands, and would kill again if released, but was sentenced to death if he returned her to her own people. Ultimately the TARDIS solved the problem in a unique fashion, and the episode left us with a tantalising glimpse of the main event next week when the Daleks return in force.

Other interesting points were that the Doctor made mention of the “Bad Wolf” references, but then brushed them aside. However the appearance of a Bad Wolf website, and the next episode being called Bad Wolf tends to imply that there is something more on the way!

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