Bad Wolf Keeps Us Guessing

As was mentioned in the beginning of a Guardian article this week, for me, like many, the new series has certainly brought back the Saturday teatime ritual of not missing Doctor Who. As a result, when I worked out that I couldn’t get home in time following the Peat family reunion we sat and watched the penultimate episode of the series with the family.

Despite being titled Bad Wolf, episode 12 still left us guessing as to the identity of the Bad Wolf, with us only having heard a voice in the trailer for next week. About half of the episode was taken up with the Doctor, Captain Jack and Rose trapped in nightmare versions of well known TV shows, Captain Jack in What Not To Wear with two killer robots, the Doctor in Big Brother where the evictees were atomised, and Rose in a game of the Weakest Link where a robotic Anne Robinson blasts the weakest link with a laser gun.

Whilst the BBC did well to secure the actual stars of the relevant quiz shows to provide voices, and even the Big Brother UK logo from Channel 4, this was still ultimately a rehash of the fairly common TV gone crazy plot that many people have done over the years. However the real purpose of those sequences was to build up to the big reveal of a fleet of Dalek ships ready to invade Earth – the Dalek ships that the Doctor has been saying that he destroyed during the last time war all series!

Certainly from the clips that were shown in the preview of the episode next week, there are lots of Daleks. Whereas the old series could never afford to show an entire Dalek army (most shows made use of at most four or five physical Daleks), it looks like with the mixture of computer graphics, and also a sizeable number of props built, you really do get to see millions of Daleks invading!

As to Big Wolf, one of the clips has the Doctor asking how the Dalek fleet survived the war, to which a voice says “they survived through me”. There is much speculation over who Big Wolf will be. The producers point blank deny that it is the Master, but the internet rumours are naming almost any of the big badies over the years. The most way out suggestion being that Bad Wolf is the Doctor himself, partly justified through the scene in the first episode where the Doctor remarks on his new face, whilst he has been seen on his own through history (i.e. before Rose has joined him). Suffice to say there is enough speculation and rumour floating around that it could be anybody.

On top of that, according to the papers this week we’re getting a spectacular US style end of season cliff-hanger, complete with pictures of the Dalek army:

Death of the Doctor Daleks Get Him

However it is worth bearing in mind at this point that the BBC have filmed a number of different endings for the series, so quite what will happen remains to be seen…

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  1. Kill Doctor Who??? … Never! Auntie Beeb has already recruited David Tennant (Casanova) to replace Bernie, I mean automatic driving Chris Ecclescakes (Yep I did see Top Gear and it was cool! Driving a Rolls into a swimming pool, very Oasis)

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