So did you work out Bad Wolf?

So we’ve just watched the final part of Doctor Who, and it was definitely a great episode.

Daleks with the Tardis

Rather than an entire forty-five minutes of dalek mayhem it was split into four parts, with the daleks in only the first and third parts. Surprisingly the cliffhanger with Rose trapped on the dalek spaceship was resolved pretty quickly with the Doctor landing on the flight deck, and the reveal of the new style Dalek Emperor (a bit more spectacular than the 60’s version), and then the Doctor escaping back to station 5 to defend the Earth.

Old style Dalek Emperor Dalek Emperor 00s style

Then we have what seems as if it is going to be a long bit of filler with the Doctor, Rose and Jack preparing for the oncoming dalek invasion, but this gets a lot more interesting when the Doctor sticks to his promise, and sends Rose back home – tricking her knowing that she wouldn’t go willingly, so then intercut with the preparations, we get Rose back in the past.

Then the daleks invade, but with Rose still stuck in the past.

It is interesting to note at this point that Beth has never really found the daleks frightening, possibly because unlike me she didn’t watch them as a child. However she said after one particular scene in tonights episode she now finds them frightening! The scene in question involved the hundred or so civilians who were left on the station. The daleks only need to enter the station near floor five hundred, so the civilians are left out of the way down on floor zero. However part way through the action, the daleks stop their march on floor five hundred, and divert to floor zero just to exterminate the hundred unarmed civilians. Other classic moments are when one character, stuck in a room with the daleks trying to cut through the door, turns round to see three daleks float up outside the window. You don’t hear them say exterminate, just see the lights flash before the window shatters, and then she gets exterminated too. As with most dalek stories it is absolute carnage, with every human apparently killed.

Meanwhile, back in the past, Rose is trying to work out what to do, and sees Bad Wolf everywhere, and she realises that it is a message, telling her she can get back. Although she can’t fly the TARDIS, remembering where the Doctor tells her that the TARDIS is telepathic, she tries to open the TARDIS console in order to get back to help the Doctor. Ultimately she gets the console open, and the TARDIS takes off.

Back on the station, the Doctor has built a device that will destroy the daleks, but will destroy the Earth too. Surrounded by daleks, the emperor challenges him to do it, which he cannot, at which point the TARDIS appears, containing Rose, but transformed by a golden light. At this point we finally find out about Bad Wolf – it is Rose, or at least Rose with the help of the TARDIS. In a classic paradox, the Bad Wolf references through history have been scattered through time by Rose to bring her to this point, so Rose has created the Bad Wolf references in order to become the person that creates them – confusing.

Anyway, the Rose/TARDIS superbeing destroys the Daleks, but ultimately is going to die because she can’t contain the power of the time vortex she has absorbed. In a gesture of self sacrifice, the Doctor absorbs the power himself (through a kiss), and takes her into the TARDIS.

With the TARDIS in flight and Rose regaining conciousness and not remembering anything, the Doctor reveals that he can’t contain the power of the time vortex either, and explains about regeneration, preparing her for the possible changes to come. Then we get a pretty spectacular regeneration as the power of the time vortex explodes outwards, two lines and a quick smile from the new Doctor, David Tennant, and then the credits roll.


All in all, a great episode, and a brilliant finish. Some of the best bits were the daleks, especially the ones at the window, and a time paradox that, unlike the Star Trek efforts doesn’t annoy me!

Interestingly, I’d half guessed the Bad Wolf thing watching the documentary before the show, wondering whether it was significant that Bad Wolf is painted on the side of the TARDIS earlier in the series (particularly as that picture has been pinned on Russell T Davies wall behind his desk all the way through Doctor Who: Confidential). However I didn’t get the Rose bit until just before it happened, I kept expecting someone else to appear as Bad Wolf!

The whole regeneration was well done, and does pose the question of whether it was filmed with the main episode, in which case they knew about David Tennant when the news of Chris Eccleston leaving leaked, or was added later. Anyway, I look forward to Christmas, and then to series number two of the new run.

9 thoughts on “So did you work out Bad Wolf?”

  1. I’ve been following the theories about Bad Wolf for weeks – absolutely NO-ONE that I saw got it right… That was a very slick piece of writing.

    I’m lucky that I watched it due to other circumstances… However, I recorded it on the SKY+ box for Carla to watch when she gets home, or I thought I did. Turns out that *everything* I recorded last night (Dr. Who twice (I wanted to make sure), Dr. Who Confidential twice and a programme about the Airbus 380) all failed with “unknown reason”.

    I’ve set it up to record the repeat tonight and, as a backup, have grabbed a torrent of the episode just in case.

    One of the most irritating things about SKY+ is its unerring ability to know when you’re excited about watching something and make sure it fails. :-/

  2. I loved the episode generally (and the series as a whole was fantastic) but personally I think that the fact that no one saw the meaning of Bad Wolf coming was a spectacularly BAD bit of writing. The clues should have been there and, with hindsight, you should have been able to go “oh yeah, I’m so stupid not to have worked it out”. As it was it was totally deus ex machina, straight from left field, and it didn’t need to be. I was a little disappointed by that but, having read stacks of reviews on the net, I seem to be alone in that opinion.

  3. You’re not alone Erykah.

    Although personally I have been dissappointed with this new series from about fifteen minutes into the first episode I watched.

    A lot of issues in the series are resolved by ,as you so aptly put it, “Deus Ex Machina”. Personally, I think a lot of excitement bout this new series is down to nostalgia. Even I kept watching new episodes when I got the chance even though I really find most of it rather irritating.

    Most people reading this are probably fans so I’ll shut up now. Just wanted you to know that I think you are totally right!!!

  4. It took me ages to work it out. I finally figured it out at the last moment. But the whole series was great. I started to watch it after Mrs. Peat, my friend Tom and I were talking about it while waiting for our plane to Italy. Ever since, I’ve not missed two minutes of any episode!!

  5. The Bad Wolf outcome was definitely a surprise for me. I was reading some web pages on the ideas about a Davros/Adam theory (it’s all in the forehead) and I’m glad that RTD didn’t do this, and I hope he doesn’t do that. I think it would be too “Starwarsian” to have everything so interconnected. I love story arcs, but anything can be overdone Remember: the universe is a big place(s)! I’m ready to see the cybermen in season 2 (more than just a head or a Carnival of Monsters cameo!). Classics will be classics, but the new Who is definitely good stuff……especially when you can sit down and watch 2 episodes with your daughter (Hi Caitlyn!!!) who has not been a sci-fi fan.

  6. i thought that epersode was one of the best ever and every one should find time to watch it every saturday night!!!
    i liked chris as the doctor but i think david tennant will be even better as he’s such a brill actor! love the new regenerated look – David Tennant is the hottest doctor so far!
    looking forward to the cyberman epersode as it is bound to be great!
    i eat, sleep and breath doctor who and i live for the saturday nights where i can curl up on the settee and watch it!

  7. I was talked into watching an episode of Dr. Who by my husband and now I am totally hooked. I loved the last season (US) and this new season is shaping up to be just as great. However, I’m disappointed in hearing that Rose will be leaving at the end of the season. I feel like, to some extent, the Bad Wolf is not resolved. If you believe that nothing is really coincidence like I do, this whole thing brings up the question of “what was so special about Rose that she would be ‘destined’ to become the Doctor’s companion?” One theory I have is that beyond just being in the right place at the right time and beyond being a strong and capable woman, there is something else about her. This impression was renewed last night when I watched the episode with the werewolf. The werewolf mentioned that Rose had, to paraphrase horribly (sorry), known the wolf. Then at the end of the episode they are talking about the royal disease and how it would take a long time for a single cell to reproduce enough to become that powerful again. So could this possibly be part of what makes Rose what she is? Could she have been “destined” to be the “Bad Wolf” because she possesses some small molecule of the alien wolf? It also brings up, in my mind, the presence of the “bad wolf” in one form or another in so many of the world myths. Add to that little tidbit the reference to the doctor as the “lonely god” in “New Earth” (another Jungian-like archaeotype)… Then again, maybe I’ve been studying for my anthropology and psychology classes too much and I’m reading way more into this than I should. 🙂 (Of course you’re welcome to reply and let me know I haven’t quite lost my mind yet…lol)

  8. Without wanting to give too much away, there is certainly more to explore between the Doctor and Rose, a key moment being her meeting with Sarah Jane Smith coming shortly for you guys in the States!

  9. (After season four finale) I have always had it in the back of my mind that when the Doctor (Chris) kissed Rose to transfer the energy of the TARDIS, a small seed was left inside her. This would develope and cause mutations in her over time and eventually give her the ability to move where she wanted to through time and relative dimensions. Naturally, the human body could not withstand such treatment, so she would develop TimeLord like qualities (e.g. two hearts), all generated from this seed of the TARDIS’s energy. And of course, hopeless romantic that I am, the Doctor would finally let her stay with him. With regenerative abilities, she could even have been that archeologist from the Library episode, the Doctor’s future love interest.

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