A Great Little Phone

I’ve continued to be impressed by the Sony Ericsson K750i, once I’d got rid of the buggy firmware with which O2 cursed the phone.

By far the best feature is the camera. Today I discovered the macro mode, designed for shooting close up shots, and took a nice shot of the Channel 9 Guy that sits on my desk. You can click through to Flickr to see a bigger version and take a look at the clarity of the picture.

Channel 9 Guy

Whilst on the subject of Flickr I’ve also added a Photo Galleries page which uses Flickr to automatically generate pages of our pictures stored on the site. Currently there is only some pictures of the cat, and the pictures of the recent Alberta floods.

One thought on “A Great Little Phone”

  1. I agree, I like this phone heaps, I use it for everything, even as an alarm clock. I am very happy with it and will recommend to anyone who wants a decent camera phone.

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