Scoble to the Rescue

Robert Scoble posted quite a long posting under the heading “Arrogant Scoble is Back” describing how he is starting to be recognised as he travels around.

However, what I found most interesting about the posting is further down, where he describes how he found one posting about him, and also discusses how one part of his job works:

Whenever I find someone having troubles with Microsoft stuff I try to get them help. I’m successful a large percentage of the time. One person. Watching four RSS feeds.

What is interesting is that the process is entirely automatic, through PubSub, Technorati, Feedster and Bloglines he has feeds created that look for any use of the word “Microsoft”, plus “Microsoft sucks” and “Microsoft is evil” and “I hate Microsoft” and “Microsoft problem”.

So, a useful tip there, if you’re totally stuck with something Microsoft, just write about it on your blog, and the chances are that the Scobleizer will see and possibly come to the rescue. Has echoes of one or two superhero plots in some ways. I’m not sure about Scoble in a superhero costume though… Nope, scrub that vision. 😉

However, it does highlight the power of the technology for keeping track of what people all over the world are saying. So it is probably worth bearing in mind what you say as thanks to the power of PubSub, Technorati, Feedster and Bloglines, almost anybody could be listening!

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