Is Someone Trying for a Darwin Award?

I came across the following news item printed by the Press and Journal, a newspaper that covers the North-East of Scotland. Having read it, I can only think that this was someone trying for a Darwin Award.

Scottish Hydro Electric has warned the public not to interfere with overhead power lines, after a bird box was found attached to a pylon. The bird box was discovered up a pole on an 11,000-volt pylon in rural Perthshire. Hydro Electric’s safety manager said: “Our poles carry electricity conductors at voltages between 230 and 33,000 volts. This can seriously injure or kill anyone coming into contact with them. You don’t have to touch the wires – just getting close can result in the electricity jumping the gap, causing injury or death.� Mr Wilson added that mounting the bird box on the pole had been a potentially lethal move.

For more detail, you can find the original article here, particularly worthy of the Darwin Award being that according to the article, whoever hung the box climbed the pylon to within a metre of the cables!

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