Career Tips from the Creator of Delicious Library

I came across an interesting article, written by Will Shipley, who created both Omniweb, a leading Mac browser, and more recently Delicious Library, a very impressive bit of software for keeping track of your CD and DVD collections.

The general gist of the presentation, given to students at the Apple World Wide Developers Conference is that you are more likely to make your fourtune in the Mac market because although the market is significantly smaller, there are also a lot fewer Mac developers around, as he says in the slides:

“Doing what ‘everyone else’ is doing is the surest route to failure.�

It is worth noting at this point that he claims that purely by word of mouth, Delicious Library made $54,000 profit on the first day.

Anyway, the slides are quite amusing, providing quite a good discussion starter on their own, and that’s before we get to his ‘recreation’ of the presentation for a podcast!

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