New Glasses Take 2

After a call earlier in the week saying that my new glasses were ready, and a call today for Beth’s pair, we dutifully went back to Specsavers in Lower Earley again. After the problems with the previous pairs the new prescription and frames were comfortable, and my eyes seemed to adapt pretty well. Certainly there wasn’t the blurring problems, nor the fringing problems that occured before. In fact it is a noticeable improvement over the old pair. Beth’s eyes seem to be taking slightly longer to adapt, currently she says that they feel different to the others, but not noticeably better at the moment.

However, to my annoyance, cleaning the new clear glasses just now I spotted a small chip in one lense. It’s position is such that I hadn’t noticed it when wearing them. Looking at the bottom of the frame, there appears to be a couple of similar chips on that also, so it’s back to the shop again tomorrow to get them to sort it out. Whilst it isn’t causing me a major problem vision wise, it’s annoying, and certainly not what I would expect.

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