Specsavers Don’t Quibble Again

So after finding the chip on the lens yesterday, back we went to Specsavers, and again, no problems replacing the lenses, and the damaged frame.

Slightly worryingly they now know us by name having visited so frequently over the past few weeks. Having said that there was one new face, according to his badge responsible for dispensing, who queried the use of the 1.67 lenses I’d quibbled over before. Whilst I hadn’t noticed the same level of fringing with the new pair, there were still problems, and I still fail to see the advantage, and argued the point. He did go through the whole 1.67 lenses are 40% lighter routine, however since on their price list it nearly doubles the cost of the lenses, and in my opinion makes my vision worse. I also pointed out that my existing pair were 1.6’s, and that my new pair had slightly smaller frames, and a weaker prescription. Anyway, they gave in, and are going to put in 1.6 lenses as are in my sunglasses, however he is going to keep the 1.67’s to show me the difference!

On top of all that, they also spent some time improving the fitting on Beth’s glasses, as she was finding them uncomfortable.

So although all these trips to Specsavers are getting somewhat tedious, and I’m sure the staff are probably dreading Mr and Mrs Peat walking in, they are always polite, and always happy to help.

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