Meet the Bloggers

Blogging seems to be taking off in a big way, so much so that the recent Greenbelt Christian festival hosted a session on the Spirituality of blogging. Both Ian over at Youthblog and Sarah at Deep Thought have blogged about the Greenbelt sessions, with Ian even starting a sideline with the I-Spy book of Bloggers.

In a strange coincidence, Robert Scoble, the well known Microsoft evangelist was talking Christian Blogging today too. On a visit to their Dallas Church, (he claims to get evangelism ideas from a pro) he managed to persuade his friend Brain Bailey of the power of having a blog, so much so that Bill is now writing a book called The Blogging Church, backed by a website offering advice on using blogs in a local church. Incidentally, Scobles upcoming book, Blog or Die: Why Businesses Should Blog and How to Do It Effectively is now available to preorder on Amazon.

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