New Glasses

This morning, the great glasses saga finally drew to a close when we went into Reading to collect my new glasses from Eyesite.

Unlike the visits to Specsavers, and in common with my test two weeks ago, we got much more time, and the dispensing Optician spent a good deal of time on both my sunglasses and regular glasses ensuring that they were absolutely comfortable, and were positioned correctly for my uneven ears (right ear is actually further back than my left, which involves a good deal of work to get spot on). In terms of vision, unlike the Specsavers pairs, although as with all new glasses they feel odd, there was no blurred vision at distance.

So after six years I have a new pair of glasses – not a new look, more an updating of the old look. However, much to her satisfaction, Beth has finally got rid of the Top Gun hangover in the form of my old sunglasses. Looking for movie references, the new style sunglasses are probably more Agent Smith from The Matrix.

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