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Not surprisingly there has been a lot of discussion over the first episode of “No Sex Please We’re Teenagers“, including on my blogroll postings from Ian at Youthblog (who is writing about the show for the Diocesan Newspaper), Sarah at Deep Thought and Kathryn at The Bleurg. They also link off to good postings on the subject here, here and here.

There is also a general view that the programme provides loads of good material for working with a youth group (as Beth and myself realised 20 minutes into watching the first show…).

All of this discussion amongst blogging youth workers led me to wonder if the two youth leaders, Dan Burke and Rachel Gardner, had sites of their own. Certainly it would be interesting to hear their opinion, particularly as participants in reality TV shows often feel that they are misrepresented.

I haven’t tracked down any sites as yet, however Rachel is on the team for the forthcoming Youthwork Conference , having previously spoken at the 2004 conference and in 2003. The bio in 2003 is particularly informative, highlighting that prior to her work in Harrow, she was coordinator of ‘Wise Up’, a Christian teenage sexual health project that has run for the last seven years in East Sussex. The page for ‘Wise Up’ is definitely worth a read, giving a good summary of the issues.

Update: As you may have seen, Dan Burke has posted a comment to my review of the first programme, and also commented over at YouthBlog, including the URL for the work in progress Romance Academy website that will include bios of the young people, already has a diary from the leaders, and definitely a few spoilers for the next two episodes.

Update 2: Another blogger has posted a review with some very good comments over the sequence with the American Pastor. Also, there is a discussion about the show taking place over at Ship of Fools.

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