Sync Still Missing

After my successful upgrade to Tiger last weekend, the one remaining problem to sort out was getting the new version of Missing Sync working.

Anyway, at the last report I was just about to install it, which I did, backed up everything in iCal and Address Book on the Mac, and backed up the PocketPC, and then tried to sync.

It’s worth saying that I hadn’t been properly using the previous version of Missing Sync which was incompatible with Tiger, as it tended to have problems with one of my subscribed calendars which included attached notes, deciding that the notes had been changed on the PDA and trying to shift them about, so I used it to copy my ‘master’ diary on the Mac onto the PDA. As a result, what I opted to do first, was to blank down the PDA and just make a copy, unfortunately with the new version, even this didn’t work.

It got about a third of the way through the transfer, and then came across an all day event in a subscribed calendar, and produced an error for this and every subsequent event. It is worth noting that this self same event copies across quite happily with the old version.

Anyway, I repeated the process again, and although it processed the events in a different order, when it got to this event, it again started erroring. So I put in a support request, together with copies of the log files.

It took until yesterday for their support to actually reply (apparently they are having a lot of support calls at the moment…), and with just a list of things to try culled from the website, and also the suggestion that my iCal database may be corrupt.

After a bit more fiddling around, I did get a partially successful sync, but only by removing the suspect calendar, however after two further exchanges with support, even cutting and pasting the specific error, however the support person seems to be in a strange parallel universe where they answer a different quesiton to the one I ask, and in one e-mail where I complained that the old version was much better got totally confused and agreed that the new version was better!

The impression I am getting is that although they delayed release of the product and maintain that it has been tested, their testing has probably been only with simple events. Also since the reason for the forced upgrade was because Apple totally changed the synchronisation support between Panther and Tiger, there will be problems, however what is really annoying is that even though I’ve offered to send them the specific calendar that is causing problems, given them details of the error, I’m still getting standard answers, and not really any specific help. At the moment it actually feels like I’m supporting myself, with a little supporters club over the e-mail!

Since the initial release there has been one official update, and two beta’s, and even the latest beta still exhibits the problem. Hopefully by then I’ll be able to get a successful sync, if not, I’ll be like this guy on the Internet, and not syncing at all. As to the other option – apparently Pocket Mac has problems with recurring appointments, which would totally screw up my service calendar – this is alongside a selection of hangs and crashes. Whilst it has problems, at least Missing Sync is stable.

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