Typical Part 2

So after the breakdown of our washing machine last weekend, today was the day the repair man was due to come. On the phone last week, the customer service agent had said he had booked an appointment for between 4pm and 6pm today, so Beth made sure she left school promptly, came home and cleared up the kitchen, and removed the various bits of kitchen cabinet that surround the machine, ready for what we thought should be a simple job. She then thought she’d check the messages, to find a message from the repair man from 10am saying that he had called.

Thankfully I wasn’t around for the resultant explosion, however another customer service agent got it. What made it worse was that firstly the agent last Saturday actually booked an 8am to 6pm appointment with a comment to request 4pm to 6pm, which eveidently didn’t happen, and then it seems there has been a spate of broken washing machines, and the next available appointment of any sort wasn’t until 24th October over a month away.

When I got home, I phoned up again, and by some twist of fate got the same customer service agent who had dealt with Beth earlier on. She has now passed our paperwork on up to her supervisor to get it moved up the queue, however it looks like I’ll have to work from home at some point if they can do an appointment sooner than 24th as they can’t guarentee a specific time slot.

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