If Howard Doesn’t Answer His Phone…

I got a laugh from Howards posting today. Apparently he so likes his ringtone, that he’ll listen to it all the way through rather than answer the phone!

Now some university somewhere must have done a research project into the psychology of ringtones. On our floor we have a couple with the notorious Nokia default, that Dom Jolly uses. However we also have a polyphonic rendition of the Imperial March from Star Wars, assorted dance tunes, plus Waltzing Matilda from somewhere else… We even have a little bit of patriotism with someone who used to have Land of Hope and Glory, and has switched to Jerusalem after the cricket!

Having said that, my phone is on vibrate most of the time, not sure what the message is in that!

3 thoughts on “If Howard Doesn’t Answer His Phone…”

  1. You can listen to the tune I’m so enamoured of by downloading the mp3 I put on this post. It was Fuller who was ringing me the other night, and he loves the tune too so wasn’t too put out when I told him why it took me so long to answer the phone!

  2. “Psychologist Graham Wilson believes that your choice of ringtones can reveal more about yourself that you might think. For example, young people choose popular music to show they fit in. An aggresive young professional may choose an action movie or tv show theme because they have no real action or drama in their lives. And people who don’t choose ringtones at all view their phones a purely functional items and are too busy to download or choose a custom ringtones. This very scientific research is just another reason should set their phone to vibrate most of the time.” From various sources all referencing the same defunct link.

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