A Small Business with Global Reach

I have to say that the main reason I have Hugh MacLeod’s blog at Gaping Void bookmarked is for the pictures! However, he is also involved in marketing, and like Robert Scoble regularly talks about the power of the blog, in his case as a tool for marketing.

I was particularly interested in his posting about the rise of Global Microbrands, and not just for the picture (and it’s a good cartoon too….). Here he discusses how the power of the internet means that you no longer need to get stuck on the treadmill of working to keep living in the place you need to be to get to work. The internet, by giving him the means to create his own ‘Global Microbrand’ has allowed him, and others to present a global face, whilst allowing him to live where he wants to live, and be more productive in his career as well. Now even after a couple of days in the big city he is feeling stressed out. Definitely an interesting read.

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