A Toy to Take Over the Universe?

So with the series having taken three awards at the TV awards tonight, and having watched the repeat showing of Dalek, an episode from the latest series of Doctor Who on UK Gold earlier on, that I raved about on the first showing, it reminded me of something I spotted recently – really intended for kids, but tempting for anyone wanting to take over the universe, or at least frighten the cat!

Doctor Who - Radio Control Dalek

Back when I was a child, we had a Palitoy talking Dalek (mint examples of which can go for £500), that said various phrases when you pushed a button on top. It had wheels on the bottom so you could push it round.

In the same way as with the TV Dalek, toy technology has moved on, so now we have a Dalek that can still move around, and talk, but all by remote control.

Definitely tempting, although quite how Sophie will take to a Dalek in the house I don’t know!

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