Getting Lost

Ok, I have to confess that we are now totally hooked on Lost.

We missed the start of the series on Channel 4, so I picked up a copy of the Region 1 Box Set on DVD, which up until this weekend we have been steadily watching. However this weekend we hit one of those series of episodes where you just had to see the next one, such that we ended up watching six episodes over the weekend, including four in one go last night. Key events that kept us hooked included Sayid finding a strange cable going into the sea, and the French woman in Solitary, the discovery that one of the people in the group wasn’t actually on the plane, and the subsequent kidnap of the pregnant Claire in Raised by Another, and revalations about Kate in Whatever the Case May Be.

Looking at the TV listings, it seems we have now almost caught up with Channel 4, although I doubt that we’ll stop and follow along with them, having got the rest of the series on DVD. Certainly it’s one of these frustrating series that you watch more episodes looking for answers, and all you get are more questions. Despite that it’s great TV and has us well and truly hooked.

Lost: Season 1 - Part 1

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