Mistaken Identity

Amongst the friends and fellow bloggers on our links is Sarah, a Youth Worker in High Wycombe who we know through the Diocesan Taize Pilgrimages. Her blog is called Deep Thought.

Anyway, she put up an interesting post this morning. Apparently her picture had turned up on the front of November 18th issue of the Missouri Annual Conference Review, a bi-monthly magazine covering Missouri’s United Methodist Churches. Slightly mysterious as she hasn’t ever been invovled in Methodism in Missouri, and was described in the article as “a probationary elder from Sedalia now living in England”.

The source of the reference came from a post by another blogger featured in the same article called Andy Bryan, who doesn’t actually know Sarah, nor the Sarah Hamilton mentioned in the article, but had evidently done a search for Sarah Hamilton. Certainly when you do the search, there is only our Sarah who comes up.

This all was starting to become quite a puzzle. Reading the article in the newsletter, (made slightly confusing by the PDF being print ready) Sarah Hamilton was mentioned on page 6A. It was fairly obvious that the other Sarah Hamilton had a blog, and yet none of the searches brought up anybody except the Sarah we knew. So, back to the beginning, what did we know about this other Sarah.

From the article, it said that this Sarah Hamilton was working for the Methodist Church in Norwich, so I tried putting “Sarah Hamilton” Norwich into Google, and top of the pile is a list of the staff of the Norwich Methodist Circuit including one Rev Sarah Hamilton.

So I was halfway there, however it was still a puzzle that I couldn’t find her blog. Then I read on to the boxout after the blogging article in the newsletter, at the advice to would be bloggers, one part of which was not to use your surname. So I tried various combinations but still no luck, until finally I came across a blog by RevSarah, ironically on the same blogging service as both our Sarah Hamilton, and the source of the incorrect link. Interestingly she seems blissfully unaware of the confusion going on in the blogsphere…

So, mystery solved – a bit of practice in search stuff out in Google – and an interesting looking blog by a Methodist Minister spending a year in England to add to my blog roll for a bit. (Have a read of her Proud to be American post for example.)

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  1. Greetings from the Sarah Hamilton mentioned in the Missouri United Methodist Review! We had quite the fun joke when I was mentioned in the article and this picture appeared who didn’t look anything like me! (Even though one of my friends apparently didn’t recognize me (!) and told me it was a good picture.) Sorry to create such a stir! Who knew!

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