Anybody Got A Map?

Over the last couple of nights we’ve had a bit of a Lost mini-marathon. Thanks to the cleverly crafted cliffhangers we went through the ‘just one more episode’ routine and got through six episodes, including the double length season finale in just two sittings.

As with all the best TV series the final episodes of the season appear to answer a load of the outstanding questions, whilst creating a whole load more. We get the payoff of the lottery number storyline, the secret twist of which the viewers were let in on a few episodes before. You also get to see the Lost equivalent of the Star Trek red-shirt, although unlike Star Trek he at least got to do a couple of episodes before he was blown up!

The story in the final two episodes ends up dividing into at least four separate threads. At least the flashbacks are more secondary to the plot, just showing everybody getting to the plane, reminding us how far they have come, rather than giving us another plot to follow. We hear about the mysterious others, there are a couple of kidnaps, and there is a moment that reminded me somewhat of the end of some episodes of The Prisoner where Number 6 thinks he has escaped only for it to twist at the last moment as he realises that he is still just as much of a prisoner as before. The relationship between Jack and Locke is further tested, with Locke spelling out the differences between the two. Several things get blown up, we see the Black Rock – and I didn’t spot that one coming either – there are a couple of kidnaps, plus some broken relationships are put back together.

I’ve decided though that I definitely need a map for all these plotlines…

The interesting question I have is whether the writers have some grand plan to explain all of this, or whether they are really just making it up as they go along. Whether or not it is all planned, it is gripping stuff. Now how long do we have to wait for the season two box set?

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  1. Well if you’re desparate I can give you the first nine episodes of season two where-in absolutely none of your questions will be answered, and a whole succession of new frustrations await!

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