Altogether Too Much Time?

Change of Address

Going through my e-mail today, I got an e-mail from Howard that seemed to convince me that some people have altogether too much time on their hands.

Rather than your usual run of the mill change of address message, instead I got an apparent cartoon strip, a reduced version of which I’ve put here. A trip over to his website had a front page in a similar style.

However it turned out that he hadn’t actually spent hours in photoshop putting together the cartoon – it was in fact produced by a clever bit of software called Comic Life that does all the hard work taking your pictures and allowing you to add comic style captions, and lay them out in a comic strip style. As one of the reviews said, a tool that you really can’t find a convincing legitimate use for aside from the all round fun.

Comic Life Deluxe

Beth was enthusiastically talking about doing next years Christmas Newsletter in a comic strip style (apologies in advance to anybody we send it to if she does…), although I can definitely feel a Youth Group comic strip coming on….

A fully working Mac demo is available online, with the full version being available on Amazon. There are also a whole load of example comics produced with the software available on Flickr.

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