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Taking a look at the front tyres on the Golf this week, I spotted that the tread was now right down to the tread wear indicator on one side, and fractionally above on the other. Since we are coming in to the worst part of what is expected to be the worst winter in years, I thought I’d better get them replaced.

The car was delivered with a set of Bridgestone B390’s, which unlike the Goodyear NCT5’s that were on the Focus when delivered (and incidentally the bottom of the range Golf), I was pretty happy with the performance (NCT 5’s have a reputation for poor wet weather performance – which I can back up from experience). However the Bridgestones proved somewhat difficult to find – even Bridgestone don’t list the tyre on their UK site. In the end I called Ridgeway, who said that they could supply a pair.

We then ran into a slight hitch in that their tyre fitter only works Monday to Friday – however after a couple of minutes they called back to say that their tyre fitter would come in especially on Saturday morning to fit the tyres for me, so this morning I drove into Reading to have them done.

However the nice surprise at the end was that having changed the tyres, they then had the car valeted – inside as well as outside. It is worth bearing in mind that what we’ve been used to with the local Ford dealer, is that they won’t valet the car at all on a weekend, so having them clean it fully when it was only in for a couple of tyres was great.

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